Thursday, March 31, 2011

A New Spring

So I've been at this physical training phase of my life for a little over a month and though I am now more flexible and stronger and a tiny bit faster, I need to up my game. Starting tomorrow, I will push myself even further. Here's my plan to work on a few of my weaknesses:

1. More running. No excuses, I just need to run more, treadmills, outside, whichever.
2. Learn to jump rope. I have never been able to do this properly, and now is a good time to learn.
3. Better records. Now is the time for documents and benchmarks and real measurements of progress
4. Better planning. I want a plan for my work outs and I want to know how well I keep to the plan.

So, I'll use this blog to help me. First, I plan on at least documenting my achievements here, and maybe a bit of the planning.