Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Should be studying... but I'm not!

I'm such a rebel! That accounting test doesn't scare me!

It's midterm time here at Daniels and that means for the last week I have done very little besides study and work on projects. It's time for me to take a deep breath and look at what I hope to accomplish in the second half of this quarter.

1. Continue trying to stay ahead of the readings for each class. This makes my studying much easier later. I am currently most behind in... you guessed it... accounting!
2. I'm doing great attending my BJJ class but I would like to add at least one weight training session and one run to my week. Also, daily push-ups. Its not as miserable as it sounds. :D
3. Stick to my schedule. I made one, and it has everything I need on it (except time to blog! epic failure!) I should at least try to follow it.

Given that last goal... I'm going to get back to studying.