Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sometimes you need to vent

Small disclaimer: I love my life, today has not been a bad day, but my energy is completely off, so I'm going to rattle off the things that are bugging me in the hopes that these thoughts will be less toxic on my screen than in my head.

1. I HATE this chair. I try to go to school and get some work done and of course all the comfy chairs are taken so I'm stuck at this table where my keyboard is too high and I can't curl my feet under me

[Mid-rant Pause to switch to a comfy chair that just became available] Ha. This is already working.

2. My classes are boring. Why is it so hard for me to focus these days? I find myself thinking about abstract questions and before I know it, I've missed 4 of the professor's slides.

3. I'm feeling deeply insecure and I am so completely sick of this feeling which has haunted me since early childhood. It makes me mean-spirited and prone to anger and jealousy, even towards the people I care about the most. It has to stop.

4.  ....
This list was longer a minute ago, but I already feel better. Back to work.