Monday, May 21, 2012

My nightmare

I am so grateful to xkcd for showing me I am not the only one with this problem. For me, it's always the same class - Intro to Scientific Computing taught by Professor Ganesh. I took this class my last semester at Mines in order to finish my degree in Computer Science. This class was legendary. The first time Ganesh taught it, he failed all but TWO students. I took the class his third time teaching it. He was clearly learning to reign in his frustration with his students.

While working I would still have this dream and I would have to remind myself that I graduated already. Now I'm a grad student and I can't use that excuse anymore. So when I wake up after dreaming that Ganesh now teaches my Securities Valuation class (which my dream mind thinks I've ditched for 3 weeks straight), the panic does not just go away.

FML. I have this dream twice a week right now. *pulls hair out*


  1. Since I started teaching some, I have twice now had the dream of being in front of a class without having prepared for what I was going to teach. (One time I was going to teach 5th grade!)

    1. Epic. It's 5th grade though, just wing it! Lol. I finally got a blog reader and added your blog. I think your grad program is clearly more stressful than mine. o.O