Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Assumption #12

The other day I happened to catch a link to this article on my Facebook feed. It's titled "15 assumptions you should make today". I'm a sucker for lists - Business Insider especially exploits this - seriously, go read their articles. Listalicious. Anyway, most of it is random advice that you might expect. What I didn't expect was my reaction to #12.

"#12: Assume that it's possible to recapture the way you felt when you were young, how the perfect clockwork mechanism of the universe used to leave you breathless and giddy with wonder."

First there was silence. For those of you who do not have the ever present chatter of inner voices, let me assure you that this was quite a profound silence. And then way in the back of my mind a quiet voice says "It can come back? Why hasn't anyone said this before?"

The floodgates opened and the normal buzz of mental activity resumed. Maybe life isn't so hopeless after all.

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